Chinese Mail Order Brides: Who Are They And How To Get A Chinese Bride

Has it happened to you that you dream about marrying someone sexy but loyal, soft but determined, enigmatic but docile? If yes, you need to find a Chinese mail order bride. She’s a lady who can change your life and make you want to love someone for your whole life. If you’re ready to indulge in details regarding Chinese brides, stay tuned to find out more!

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Chinese mail order brides are single China girls who are looking for husbands online. They know what they want in matrimony and register on the popular Chinese dating sites to look for their perfect matches. Chinese brides are usually of varying ages and appearances.

Who are Chinese mail order brides?

A Chinese mail order bride is any lady who has listed herself on dating sites or marriage agencies with the intention to be selected by a foreign man for marriage. In the 20th century, there was a tendency of women from developing countries to seek men from developed countries. With internet dating, much has changed, and only in the 21st century, there’s been an increase in the popularity of Chinese mail order wives.

Why do Chinese women become mail order brides?

what motivates a Chinese lady to decide that she wants to be a mail order bride online?
It’s not that a woman wakes up and decides to become a mail order bride. It’s not about making a rash decision, but there’s a set of reasons why they want to become mail order wives. Instead, there are lots of reasons explaining such a phenomenon. Here are some of them:

Escaping from the pressure of society: unfortunately, Chinese women feel an obligation to marry someone, given the pressure from parents and relatives. It happens that women are threatened by the family if they don’t marry. So, the best solution to escape from such pressure is to find a husband abroad.
Cultural aspects of dating in China: cultural etiquette of China can’t be considered to be really romantic, and thus, dating someone abroad is a chance to feel oneself as a real woman. It’s about having an opportunity to experience real Western courtship, where a gentleman tries to impress her lady.
Seeking more attentive men: unlike other countries where the male to female ratio indicates that females outnumber and there’s a problem finding a man to marry, there’s no such problem in China. But the problem lies in the fact how these men value their women. Thus, becoming a mail order wife is about finding a decent husband abroad who’ll value and love them more.
A chance for a better life abroad: it’s hard to deny the fact that some mail order brides from China are interested in men who can afford them. It’s about finding a better life with better conditions that they couldn’t find in their homelands due to some reasons. So, financial motivation is always actual.
Immersing in a new culture: for some ladies from China, getting married to a person living abroad is to become a part of something new. It’s about accepting new cultures and values. Besides, it’s an opportunity to learn a new language to become a real member of that society.
Travelling around the world: some ladies long for leaving their countries in search of new adventures with the one they can love and trust, and thus, marrying someone abroad is a chance to fulfill this dream of seeing new things and places. What can be better than traveling with cute Chinese brides?
Better future for their kids: almost every woman in China dreams about having kids. Yet, it’s important to sustain them, not to mention that these kids should be raised with their fathers. Thus, they believe that foreigners can make great and responsible fathers for their future kids.
Desire to leave a country: when dating Chinese women online, you can come across ladies who simply want to leave their country. For them, living and dating someone local isn’t even a choice. So, why not escape with someone who’ll value and love them deeper.

What is so special about Chinese bride’s appearance?

Chinese mail order bride

A mail order bride from China might be appealing to you given how charming they can be in real life. How do these women look? What’s so special about their appearance? When thinking of such names as Zhang Ziyi, Yuan Li, Wank Likun, Zhan Xinyu, and Ma Yanli, you can be mesmerized by how appealing they are, but more interestingly, these ladies are over 30 years old.

It means the first thing to know about them is that they always look younger. Secondly, it’s about their bodies. In China, women can be considered sexy when they’re slim. So, curves aren’t in vogue there. When it comes to facial features, there can be several types of popular faces, but when it comes to eyes, you’ll see amazing ladies with double-eyelids and almond-shaped eyes.

Alongside slim bodies and thin legs and thighs, Chinese mail brides are popular for lighter skin tones. These women tend to have pale skin, which makes them even more appealing. Although some Chinese women love fuller lips, others prefer having thinner ones, which is another indicator of charm and elegance. So, if your lady has a white and soft skin complexion, big eyes, double eyelids, prominent nose, charming eyebrows, and a slim body, she can be from China.

Personal traits of Chinese brides for marriage

Beautiful Chinese bride for marriage

If you once meet a lady like Fan BingBing, you’ll hardly resist falling in love with her. Besides charm and elegance, there’s a lot more your future Chinese mail order bride can offer to you. Here are some great features you can discover in her:

  • They tend to be shy at first, unable to express their feelings, for which they make up by showing all effort to make you happy.
  • They’re loyal and devoted women, as from the moment of dating, they’re interested in creating a longer relationship.
  • They don’t tend to have arguments, so you can be sure that your future lady from China will be a person of compromises.
  • They’re really forgiving ladies, so instead of showing anger or even disappointment, you’ll get their support and understanding.
  • They’re great housewives and cooks, and marrying them is a chance to taste chow mein, spring rolls, tofu, kung pao chicken.

Are there many Chinese brides online?

There are many great dating sites where you can meet Chinese brides, but have you thought about why they’re online? Here are some explanations on why Chinese women become mail order brides.

  • Seeking a serious relationship: be it online or offline, Chinese brides for sale are purely interested in finding someone for a more serious and long-lasting relationship, requiring devotion and commitment.
  • Seeking foreign husbands: one of the most known reasons that motivate Chinese mail order brides to register online is a chance to find foreign husbands. They believe that foreigners will value them more than local men
  • Seeking better life conditions: going and living abroad might be a good solution to problems like bad living conditions. Thus, Chinese brides online want to change that by finding a person ready to take care of them.
Attractive Chinese woman for marriage

Is marrying mail order Chinese brides worth it?

If you wonder whether marrying a Chinese woman can be a good idea, you need to know what she can offer to you. As a wife and mother, a Chinese bride is an ideal wife candidate ensuring that you’ll get the following:

  • Caring and loving life-partner. You should be ready that your lady will rarely confess that she loves you, at least express that. But she’ll make your life brighter with her caring and loving nature. Chinese people express their love with actions, without saying that directly.
  • Devotion and commitment. No need for games. This is about Chinese brides for marriage. Dating is just a step towards marriage, and thus, being with you is always about being committed, loyal, and devoted to you.
  • Interesting and smart partner. The joy of marrying a family-focused lady is that she will do anything for the success of that family. Chinese girls for marriage even sacrifice their careers to be with their families. They possess good family values like tolerance and generosity.
Chinese bride for marriage
Single Chinese bride

Where to find Chinese brides?

When the elegance and charm are combined with the perfection of style, you’ll know that you’re talking about a Chinese woman. But where to find the most charming and beautiful ladies from China? Definitely, you’ll need the help of the best Chinese dating sites and online brides agency. How can they be helpful ?

  • Easier to access: going to China to meet ladies for marriage there can seem good but not practical, so online dating is much easier and more practical.
  • More options: when online, you’re limited to your imagination, as there are myriads of ladies waiting for your attention.
  • Less timidity: no fear, no panic. Online dating sites are places where you can be free to communicate with appealing ladies.

How much does a Chinese mail order bride cost?

Chinese bride price, you need to know that there’s no way you can buy a person. You’re expected to spend money for finding, dating, and meeting your future wife from China. Thus, Chinese mail order brides are legal and safe, as you pay for the service you’ll get. When considering how much you’ll need to spend, you’re expected to pay the price up to $30K.

Are Chinese Mail Order Brides Legal?

They’re completely legal, and it’s time to reveal more about the practice of Chinese mail order brides.Do you want to buy a Chinese bride online? If yes, all you need is to find a dating agency offering Chinese mail order brides. You’re expected to pay for the services online to date and meet the lady of your interest. You’ll have all chances to find your lady for marriage.

Chinese mail order brides legality in different countries

Thanks to internet dating, women from China have succeeded in attracting the attention of Western men. But is mail order bride legal? But when it comes to legal aspects, you might doubt to what extent such practice is legal. But no need to worry. Thankfully, you venture to find your bride online is completely legal and more importantly, such practice is even on the rise.


Chinese mail order brides are everywhere on the Internet looking for husbands. Chinese mail order wives are beautiful and possess attractive personalities. Learn Chinese Girls Dating Tips and date Chinese brides. Chinese ladies make the best wives and mothers in love and marriage. Choose one of the best Chinese dating sites to marry a Chinese girl and discover the reasons why the search for Chinese brides is spreading like wildfire on the Internet. Register and meet your dream China girls for marriage on the sites mentioned above.

Online dating sites can be great places where you can meet Chinese brides. These women are ideal for marriage, so you better not miss your chance to find your future soulmate online.

What does it mean to buy a bride online?

If there’s no problem regarding mail order bride legality, it means you can buy a bride online. How come buying someone is legal then? When you’re expected to buy a bride online, you simply pay for the services of a dating agency to find, meet, and date your future wife from China. You pay to reach your goal, but not for the person you’ll get.

Are mail order brides from China scammers?

The problem of scammers online is a prevalent one, and there have been so many reports on scams in recent years. For example, romance scams accounted for about $200 million in the USA only in 2019. So, how legal are Chinese mail order brides then given such fraudulence? Since the practice is completely legal, you need to be cautious when picking your site.

What do you need to know about Chinese mail order bride sites?

Now that you know about the legality of mail order brides from China, it’s important to know that you should be careful when choosing a platform. Since there are so many options, you better get the help of professional reviews so that you can know more about the site before using it. If you’re using a poor-quality site, no one is going to return your money.

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