Why Chinese Women Become Mail Order Brides?

With the rise of internet dating, there has been an increase in the popularity of international brides. For Western men, it’s a chance to find someone they can trust, love, and plan a family-building. Thus, marriages have become more practical, but what are the reasons explaining why Chinese women become mail order brides?

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Top reasons why Chinese girls become mail order brides

Are Chinese mail order brides legal? There’s no doubt regarding this, but what motivates a Chinese lady to decide that she wants to be a mail order bride online?
It’s not that a woman wakes up and decides to become a mail order bride. It’s not about making a rash decision, but there’s a set of reasons why they want to become mail order wives. Instead, there are lots of reasons explaining such a phenomenon. Here are some of them:

Chinese Women
  • Escaping from the pressure of society: unfortunately, Chinese women feel an obligation to marry someone, given the pressure from parents and relatives. It happens that women are threatened by the family if they don’t marry. So, the best solution to escape from such pressure is to find a husband abroad.
  • Cultural aspects of dating in China: cultural etiquette of China can’t be considered to be really romantic, and thus, dating someone abroad is a chance to feel oneself as a real woman. It’s about having an opportunity to experience real Western courtship, where a gentleman tries to impress her lady.
  • Seeking more attentive men: unlike other countries where the male to female ratio indicates that females outnumber and there’s a problem finding a man to marry, there’s no such problem in China. But the problem lies in the fact how these men value their women. Thus, becoming a mail order wife is about finding a decent husband abroad who’ll value and love them more.
  • A chance for a better life abroad: it’s hard to deny the fact that some mail order brides from China are interested in men who can afford them. It’s about finding a better life with better conditions that they couldn’t find in their homelands due to some reasons. So, financial motivation is always actual.
  • Immersing in a new culture: for some ladies from China, getting married to a person living abroad is to become a part of something new. It’s about accepting new cultures and values. Besides, it’s an opportunity to learn a new language to become a real member of that society.
  • Travelling around the world: some ladies long for leaving their countries in search of new adventures with the one they can love and trust, and thus, marrying someone abroad is a chance to fulfill this dream of seeing new things and places. What can be better than traveling with cute Chinese brides?
  • Better future for their kids: almost every woman in China dreams about having kids. Yet, it’s important to sustain them, not to mention that these kids should be raised with their fathers. Thus, they believe that foreigners can make great and responsible fathers for their future kids.
  • Desire to leave a country: when dating Chinese women online, you can come across ladies who simply want to leave their country. For them, living and dating someone local isn’t even a choice. So, why not escape with someone who’ll value and love them deeper.


Why do Chinese women become mail order brides? Modern mail brides from China are in search of better husbands who can take care of them and their kids with a chance to become a part of a new culture. Thus, if you want to find such ladies, you better rush to find a decent site!

Xiaoli Mei
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