Dating In China Vs America You Need To Know About

The dating culture in China and America is completely different. Given the historical context, the values of people have changed and shaped differently, and thus, it can be hard for Americans to date in China. While dating can be a pleasant time to have, others go through dating to find their beloved ones.

Thus, Chinese and American relationship intentions and goals aren’t the same. For both cultures, romantic relationships bring benefits like companionship, joy, love, and other positive feelings. It gives a person an opportunity to be loved and valued, but how these relationships are reached will depend on the cultural aspects and values of society!

Chinese dating vs American dating peculiarities

You might have seen great Chinese brides online, so why not date and marry them? The journey from dating to marriage can take some time, and you need to be sure that you’re doing everything properly. Thus, understanding the differences and peculiarities of the Chinese dating culture might be quite useful:

Dating In China
  • Seriousness of relationships: when thinking of a relationship, in Chinese culture, it’s more associated with long-lasting commitment. So, according to Chinese dating culture, dating is just one step before marriage.
  • Romantic self in a relationship: for Americans dating or being in a relationship is based on freedom of choice. However, for Asian women, it’s more related to the concern of being a part of a family or group, non-individualistic nature. So, it’s not surprising that the goals of relationships are completely based on creating more solid bonds.
  • Emotional expression: when dating, communication is the basis for furthering your relationship. Thus, how you express your ideas and emotions will play a key role in how you succeed. Americans express their emotions more easily and more expressively than their Asian counterparts, given how shy and conservative Chinese women for marriage can be.
  • Showing love: it’s hard to be with someone who can’t show his love. Ladies do that differently, and when it comes to Americans, they show it by saying “I love you” for example. In Chinese dating culture, you won’t see such an open expression of love, but their hard work is an indicator that she might love you. Thus, Chinese mail order brides make great wives when they really love you.
  • Spoiling with gifts and flowers: for Americans, giving and taking gifts can be a good symbol that someone likes someone. But when it comes to Asian culture, such trends are seen as less common. For example, in marriage, men won’t even apologize for doing something wrong believing that there’s nothing to apologize for between spouses.
  • Degree of commitment: for Americans, the dating experience is about having incredible and pleasant moments, but they strive to keep their individualism and freedom, while in Chinese society, dating obligates someone to have serious intentions. That’s why casual dating is less common in China.
  • Marrying a person: after a long-term relationship, people of America might want to marry someone they love, care about, and respect, and it’s critical that all these will be mutual. However, marrying in China is seen as more like a responsibility towards their family, so marriage for them is more important than romance and flirting.
Dating In China Vs America

Why should Americans date Chinese women?

Now that it’s clear that there are so evident differences in dating culture between Americans and Asians, you might wonder if it’s a good idea for Americans to marry Chinese women. If you’re ready to accept such differences and challenges of cultural backgrounds, you have all chances to marry someone who’ll always be by your side.

Before you start looking for useful tips about dating a Chinese woman, you need to know why your Chinese lady is great for marriage:

  • She’ll be a caring and responsible person as a wife and lover.
  • She’ll make a great mother for your kids.
  • She’ll be a great cook, so it’s a chance to taste great Chinese cuisine.
  • She’ll look like a great Asian model, much younger than her real age.
  • She’ll do her best to keep that family happy and content.
  • She’ll accept the patriarchal hierarchy in the family, given her cultural values.
Chinese dating vs American dating

Simply put, if you’re looking for an ideal wife, you better start looking on dating sites offering mail order brides from China. Don’t forget 3 things about them. First of all, they’re different from you but want you to be by their side. Secondly, they can be shy, but it doesn’t mean that they’re not passionate. Finally, they want you to date them to create a more devoted relationship.

Dating in China vs America might not have much in common. Still, this doesn’t mean that dating Chinese ladies is completely impossible. Despite some challenges, marrying a Chinese lady is one of the best decisions you can make right now.

Xiaoli Mei
Xiaoli is a professional matchmaker and a certified relationship coach with deep psychology background. She helps men and women find them most suitable partner or upscale their current relationship.