How To Impress A Chinese Girl To Get Her Attention

Chinese women are quite popular among foreign men for marriage. With online dating sites, you’ll get a chance to meet Chinese brides where you’ll have to impress them, and don’t forget that you’ll never have a second chance to make the first impression. But how to impress a Chinese woman? What are key tips on how you can sway Chinese women more professionally and effectively?

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When dating these girls, you better keep in mind that Chinese culture is more traditional and conservative. Still, given the modernism in Chinese society, Chinese women have some modern views as well. So, you’re leading a game of equilibrium where modern values shouldn’t interfere with traditional ones. Time to learn how to impress a Chinese girl!

Things to consider before you impress a Chinese girl

Chinese women are ideal for relationship as theymake great lovers and partners, but still, they have a different mindset shaped by their history, culture, and society. Here are some things you’ll find useful before your venture:

Impress A Chinese Woman
  • Dating after school: while in Western culture, dating has almost no age restrictions, in China, dating becomes more popular when they graduate from school, as before that, dating isn’t tolerated.
  • Pragmatism in dating: dating has many purposes like finding a person of your love. Still, Chinese women might start dating for more pragmatic purposes like finding someone who’ll suit their own ideals.
  • Factor of parents: it’s hard not to think about parental involvement if you’re about to date a Chinese woman. The approval of parents plays a key role in the success of a relationship.
  • Sex in Chinese culture: the topic of sex is quite sensitive, and unlike Western culture, it’s more accepted to have sex after marriage. However, the attitude towards this topic is constantly changing.
  • Marriage as an ultimate goal: most relationships of Chinese women are oriented towards creating a family. So, marriage is always a goal but not an unexpected outcome of dating.
  • Expectations from dating: courtship in China is more or less similar to Western style of dating. However, the expectations might vary. Chinese women expect more serious bonds requiring devotion and commitment.

Working techniques to impress a Chinese girl

Before you find out how to get a Chinese wife, you need to consider how to impress her. Taking into account their cultural peculiarity, you should know that your serious intentions might pave the way to a more successful and long-lasting relationship. Here are some basic tips on how you can impress a Chinese woman:

impress a Chinese girl
  • Start with showing confidence: shyness is a part of the culture instilled in Chinese women. Interestingly, shyness is also about Chinese men. Thus, you better be an initiator of conversation. This will be a basic but confident step in impressing your future Chinese girlfriend.
  • Impress with your Chinese: the Chinese language is one of the hardest languages, and the absence of standard letters makes it even more complicated. But if you manage to learn some great phrases and start your conversation with simple Niihau, you’ll have a higher chance of impressing your lady.
  • Try to be interested in her: time to continue to thrill your lady. Once you’ve succeeded in keeping the conversation, why not start asking some questions about her, but avoid asking something too personal. But you may ask about her family and her friends so that she can feel free to continue the conversation.
  • Don’t forget to compliment: beauty is critical for Asian ladies, especially Chinese women. Their obsession with their slim body shapes, eyes, face, and skin makes them special and appealing for dating. So, you’re expected to compliment to make your lady feel special with you.
  • Have some good jokes to make: silent moments will never do you a favor. Thus, to avoid awkward moments while dating your Chinese lady, you’ll have something funny to say. If you can make your lady laugh, it means you can impress her easily. She needs to feel better and more confident with you.
  • Choose topics for discussion properly: if you’re interested in gaining the attention of your Chinese lady, you need to know what to talk about. The better and more intriguing things you have for discussion, the better impressions you’ll make. For example, you better avoid discussing sex on the first date.
Chinese lady


Your best secret in impressing your lady is to show that you’re serious about dating. Know that you need to convince your woman that you’re a person she can trust, and this will help you impress her. Don’t forget that these Chinese girls are worth your attention and time!

Xiaoli Mei
Xiaoli is a professional matchmaker and a certified relationship coach with deep psychology background. She helps men and women find them most suitable partner or upscale their current relationship.