What Makes A Chinese Woman Beautiful And Charming?

Charm and beauty of Chinese women have made them popular among Western men, but what’s so special about them?
Considering the rich culture and history of China alongside ethnic diversity, it’s not surprising that standards of Chinese beauty might be different from that of Western culture. Beautiful Chinese women are obsessed with their appearance. But are Chinese girls so beautiful? Read on to reveal interesting facts making these women so pretty!

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Why are Chinese women so beautiful?

When looking through beautiful women of China like Jennifer Du, Sui He, Shu Pei, or Ming Xi, you can be sure about the fact that pretty Chinese women are worth your attention. Actually, traditional Chinese beauty standards make Chinese mail order brides popular. But are these standards explaining the phenomenal charm of these ladies?

Beautiful faces

What do you know about the faces of Chinese ladies? What’s the Chinese standard of facial beauty? Women with big eyes, a tall nose, a small frame, and light facial skin can be considered attractive Chinese women. One of the most popular facial shapes in China is a first love face.

What does it mean? Generally, most beautiful Chinese ladies will have egg-like or melon-like shapes. What’s more, these women will have large almond-shaped eyes. Perhaps, one of the best examples of that will be Mao Xiatong. Besides, these women tend to have the following features:

  • Not wide eyelids
  • Thick eyebrows
  • Tender lips
  • Childlike face
Chinese Girls

Skin complexion

When talking about the most beautiful Chinese woman, you might not skip the fact that the most elegant ones are with white and pale skin that should radiate softness. Interestingly, Chinese women protect themselves from the sun. Don’t forget that tanning isn’t popular among Chinese women.

Obsession with skincare and ensuring the complexion should be white has led to the boom of the Chinese skincare industry. Such obsession dates back to the Han Dynasty when white skin would define the status of Chinese women. Ladies like Xiao Wen Ju and Zhang Ruonan.

Body shapes

Ladies with big butts or thick thighs aren’t considered to be ideal in Chinese culture. When thinking of beautiful Chinese women, you should imagine women with slim bodies. Interestingly, the trends of having an ideal body image have been on TikTok. There have been such challenges like A4 waist.

The logic behind this challenge is to demonstrate the waist is thinner than the width of A4 paper. Or what about the collarbone challenge? Those ladies with thinner bodies tend to have a more pronounced collarbone, giving the body a sexier look.

makes Chinese women so beautiful

Eyes, nose, and mouth

While having a light skin face, it’s important to have elegant eyes, an appealing nose, and a sexy mouth. The ideal nose for Chinese women should be prominent with a high bridge. When it comes to the mouth, fuller lips are considered ideal, which is common with Western culture. Still, it’s not always that fuller lips are popular.

Another interesting ideal standard of the mouth is to have a narrow mouth. If you look through the history of China, fuller lips symbolized luck, while thinner lips symbolized determined people. When talking about the eyes of Chinese women, it’s all about having bigger and more expressive ones with double-fold eyelids.


The perceived attractiveness of Chinese women is also determined by eyelids. Interestingly, since Chinese women attempt to have an appealing face, they put effort to look better, and one of such efforts is plastic surgery on eyelids, almost 50% of plastic surgeries in China.

Why are such surgeries popular among Chinese women? Such a medical procedure, which is also known as Asian blepharoplasty, creates visual larger eyes, almond shape. What’s more, it creates visual symmetry on the eyes, giving an even more appealing look for these beautiful Chinese women.

attractive Chinese women

Other factors

When talking about the beauty of Chinese women, it’s important to highlight that Chinese culture indicates that beauty is to be a harmony of appearance and inner world of the woman. Thus, when considering physical features, they also give importance to their lifestyles as well. An ideal candidate for marriage is an ideal and beautiful lady.

Simply put, the ideal woman for Chinese people will be the one with a light complexion, big eyes, double eyelids, a prominent nose, appealing lips, and a slim body, but that woman should represent a traditional woman without any bad habits. So, dating a Chinese woman is about dating an elegant and respectful lady.


What makes a Chinese woman beautiful? Being different from Western ladies, beautiful Chinese girls are light-skinned, slim, big-eyed with appealing noses and double-eyelids. These women are your gems if you can achieve their hearts!

Xiaoli Mei
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